We as a society are an entertainment oriented culture. Whether it is entertaining a party, a get together, or just a small gathering we tend to gather in the living. Here we entertain ourselves with many different electronic gadgets such as gaming systems, TVs, DVD and Blue Ray players, radios and many other devices. All of these devices draw large amounts of energy costing you money. These tips will make you more comfortable in your home all while saving energy and money.

Energy Efficient Home Theater and Electronics

Home theater, gaming systems, personal computers, and other electronic devices not only add to the overall comfort level of your home but they also account for over 15% of the total energy used in your home not only this, but can use a significant amount of energy even when they're not turned off - which adds up to a big waste of money.

Using a surge protected power strip will not only protect your items against violent lightning storms but also will help save you money. Technology has also allowed for many different devices to be combined into one multi-functional device. Items such as all-in-one computer, TV/DVD combo and many others. 

Stay Cool While Using Less Energy

Using ceiling fans to stay cool rather than air conditioners can not only add to the overall eye appealing aesthetics of your home, but they can also save you a bundle of money.

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