The decision to work from home in order to save money on commuting has really started to pay dividends, but did you know the money you save from not commuting my be flying out your window from extra time spent at home. Since you have decided to work from home have you seen an increase in heating, water or energy bills? These helpful tips can help save you money in your home office.

Save Energy with Computers and Office Equipment

Having a truly efficient home office work space means commuting as little as possible. This means having all the equipment and gadgets you will need handy and in your workspace. But all of these electronic devices: computers, fax machines, copiers, radios…all add up to massive amount of energy that can really add up. Here are a few tips that will help you save energy when using all your home office equipment:

Instead of having a screensaver have your computer go into sleep mode. In addition to saving energy your equipment stays cooler allowing it to last longer also giving you unexpected savings on air conditioning.

Be sure to keep unused equipment unplugged or turned off. 

Use a power strip with a surge protector for all of your equipment. This will not only save energy and save you money, it will also give your equipment extra protection should there be a dangerous lightning storm.

Technology has truly come a long way. Because of this there are now devices that offer multiple functions such as printer/copier/fax/scanner combination. This is one device instead of four and uses 1/4 the energy, saving you money.

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