Heating and Cooling systems make up about half of your homes overall energy consumption. It is by far the largest draw on energy resources and because of this perhaps it deserves the most amount of attention. While make you comfortable in your home, perhaps they are not making you so comfortable in your wallet. Regular maintenance and proper sizing of heating and cooling systems can make you more comfortable all while saving you money.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Checking your air filters regularly and replacing them when they get dirty is the key to keeping your system working efficiently. Have your system checked every spring and fall by a licensed contractor, to make sure it is working correctly.

Ducts Affect Energy Efficiency

Holes or gaps in ductwork will lower the efficiency of a heating or cooling system. This can make your home terribly uncomfortable. Holes in return ducts can pull toxins into your home. While holes in supply ducts can de-pressurize the house and may lead to expensive moisture and mold problems

Sealing and fixing your ductwork system will improve the overall efficiency of your home; make your more comfortable all while saving you money.

Size Matters!

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to heating and cooling equipment. Oversized equipment can be very loud, and tend to run more than what is necessary thus shortening the overall lifespan of the system. Undersized equipment is less efficient, which cause unnecessary wear and tear on your system. Need help? Contact New England Home Energy.

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