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New England Home Energy offers several services to help Home Buyers. Our highly technical talented staff and high tech tools can show any energy issue that a home may have. Our simulation software and market knowledge can help home buyers distinguish how energy efficient a home is before you buy. This leads to less remorse later on. Here is a list of services we offer home buyers & realtors that can help maximize the value of energy efficiency in homes.

Home Energy Audits

We have performed Energy Audits for homeowners that have reduced their energy costs by more than 40% in extreme cases. Our Energy Audits test the home as a ‘system’. The AC system is also tested for its operating efficiency.

Manual J HVAC System Sizing Calculations

Many homes have AC systems that are too large. If you need to replace your AC unit, we would provide a Third Party AC sizing calculation – providing an independent report on the correct size for your home. This would be particularly important if energy improvements in the home’s building shell have been made (new windows, added insulation, etc.).

HERS Ratings - Marketing Energy Efficient Homes

If your home contains energy retrofit improvements (high SEER AC unit, new solar enhanced windows, upgrades in appliances, solar, etc.), you would want to have a HERS certificate for your home. At the time of sale, the HERS certificate would help distinguish your home from others on the market that are not energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM)

If you are planning to buy a home that is in need of energy efficient upgrades, such as a new AC unit, windows, appliances, added insulation, you definitely would want to look into the possibility of an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM). If you own a home and are looking to refinance and upgrade the energy efficiency of the home, an EEM may be a good idea here as well.

Green Home Plans For New Energy Efficient Homes

If you are planning a new custom home, you definitely want to consider having your home designed and built to one of the Green Home certification programs. We help guide you through this process and select the best energy options that meet your goals.

Solar Site Surveys

Are you looking to add solar energy to your home? We can assist in sizing the renewable systems that would maximize the payback for your home. We can show you the most cost effective path to minimizing your energy costs and reduce your energy bill. We always recommend a thorough Energy Audit to maximize efficiency before renewable energy sources are added to a building.

Tax Incentives for Solar Energy and Energy Efficient Retrofits

There are many Tax Incentives available to home owners to help offset the costs of improving the energy efficiency of their home. Tax Incentives exist for renewable energy sources as well as energy efficiency retrofits to the home. These Tax Incentives are ever changing. We can help apply the proper incentives to the proper energy upgrades to your home.

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