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New England Home Energy is an expert in energy efficiency. We offer several cost effective services to assist Architects in achieving energy efficient home designs.

HERS Ratings

We can inspect the energy efficiency of your structure to determine its HERS rating and provide you with a HERS certificate. The HERS certificate would help set your structure apart from other structures that are less energy efficient.

A home that meets code has a HERS Index of 100. For every point above or below 100, the home is that much more or less efficient. If a home receives a 70 it is 30 % more efficient. If the home receives 110 it is 10% less efficient. Therefore lower numbers are better numbers. An index of 0 is a home that produces as much energy as it uses each year. Your HERS certificate would reflect this information.

Duct Smoke Leakage Testing At Mid-Construction

Why wait until your structure is completely finished to address potential problems, a properly sealed air duct system is one of the most important features of a structure. The quality of the installation is vital and insuring that duct systems are properly sealed can save you money. Third Party Duct Smoke Tests provides you with piece of mind along with a certificate insuring ducts have been insulated properly, which later gets supplied to the buyer.


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