Whether it be lighting, ventilation or water use many different factors are at play when considering overall energy use in your bathroom. Using these energy savings tips will help save you big money.

Save Energy with Energy Efficient Bathroom Lighting

Something as small as switching from regular light bulbs to Energy Star qualified LED bulbs can save you up to 75% on your lighting cost immediately. Bathroom lights are some of the most commonly used lights in an average American home. To save energy on bathroom lighting, you can also replace lighting fixtures with ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures, some of which are very eye appealing for decorative purposes which come in a wide variety of styles. And as always the best advice for saving money - turn off the lights whenever you are not using them.

Use a Ventilation Fan

Cut down on mold and mildew by switching on your ventilation fan whenever you enter your bathroom. ENERGY STAR ventilation fans combine both fans and an energy efficient lighting source saving you even more money.

Use Water Efficiently

Technology today has allowed for the development of energy and water efficient appliances and fixtures. Energy Star faucets and low-flow toilets can use up to 3,500 less gallons per year than conventional fixtures and appliances. Less water also means less moisture and mold.

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