Is your cellar or basement too cold, damp or breezy? Do you have energy hungry appliances that are eating more energy and money than they need to? Would you like to improve the overall comfort of your home all while saving energy and reducing your utility bills? These tips may be the solution you need to make your basement cozier and more cost efficient.

Reduce Humidity in the Basement

Does your basement smell musty? Is there mold or mildew, moisture on windows, or wood that is falling apart? Chances are you most likely have a humidity problem. Increased humidity can make your home uncomfortable to live in. It can cause allergies from mildew, mold and mites. 

If your humidity level is too high, try checking the vents on your clothes dryer. Make sure that it is venting outside and not back into your basement. If you're still experiencing high humidity, using a dehumidifier with an Energy Star logo can save you over $200.

Energy Saving Tips for Your Water Heater

Lowering the thermostat on your water heater from 140F to 120F will save you over $350 per year and it is likely that you won’t even notice the difference in the temperature of the water. But you are sure to notice the difference in your energy bills. 

Insulating the pipes leading away from your hot water heater especially in hidden crawl spaces may also provide additional savings.

Why pay to heat water when you're on vacation, before leaving be sure to turn off your electric water heater, or to turn down your gas one. 

If you're buying a new water heater, consider buying a tank less one. Unlike traditional water heaters that waste energy by heating and storing water waiting for you to use it, tank less water heaters supply hot water only on demand. No more wasting energy.

Old Fridges Suck Energy

Do you have an old fridge plugged in that you are currently not using? If so it may be costing you over $90 per year to operate. Unplugging old freezers and refrigerators is a great way to not only save energy but also to save money. If using a second refrigerator or freezer is a necessity, keeping it as full as possible will maximize it potential and cut down on waste, and always remember when your fridge is empty, keep it open and unplugged.

Energy Efficient Clothes Washing

Washing your laundry using only cold water will save you over $40 per year. Why waste energy heating the water if you don’t have to? You also want to make sure you are only washing full loads. Doing so will save you over 3,400 gallons of water each year. If you absolutely must wash a smaller partial load, make sure to adjust the water level accordingly. If your washer is more than 10 years old, chances are it is using far too much energy and is costing you money. Consider replacing it with a newer energy efficient energy star model.

Clothes Dryer Efficiency Tips

You can save up to $70 by doing these three things: Always make sure you clean out the lint trap prior to starting a new load and cut your drying time by 15 minutes each load. Many clothes dryers over dry the clothes. Reducing the dry time on your dryer will not only preserve you clothes, it will also save you money, and whenever possible dry full loads.

Seal Your Basement to Save Energy

The ducts, pipes and electric wires in your basement that lead outside are common places that air can escape from your home. Sealing small gaps with caulking or filling larger gaps with spray foam will not only cut down on your energy use but will also make your home more comfortable. Basements are a very common place for drafts and leaks. You can save a ton of money by sealing all the leaks in your basement.

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